Which Music Services Will Be Lossless ?

When it comes to deciding what music you want to listen to, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are a variety of options available including Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, and Qobuz. But which ones are the best?

Apple Music

If you’re looking for the best music streaming service for you, Apple Music is the best option. The audio quality is superior and the price is right. Plus, you can enjoy a range of features and services like smart playlists, lossless audio, and more.

For starters, Apple Music offers a variety of music genres. You can listen to songs and albums on demand, or you can save them to your Library. This is especially useful if you have a large collection of music, or if you want to build your own custom playlists.

Apple Music has an exclusive library of over 90 million tracks, a number that is growing rapidly. However, the app has less features than its competitors.

Spotify also has a wide selection of content. In addition to its extensive playlists, you can browse through radio stations, live performances, and more. It supports a wide range of devices, including Xbox, Roku, and Google Wear OS wearables. Some of the music offerings on Spotify have been limited, and there are a number of things you should be aware of before signing up.

There’s no free tier for new users, but there is a three-month trial available. And if you don’t want to pay, you can try a free ad-supported plan.

One of the biggest advantages of Apple Music is its high-resolution lossless service. This is a feature you won’t find on most other music services. That’s because the current Bluetooth tech has limited bandwidth for high-resolution audio.

Another feature you’ll find on Apple Music is a personalized, interactive experience. It lets you skip to a specific lyric line, or listen to a song in a foreign language. Aside from listening to music, you can watch music videos and documentaries. Other perks include hands-off playlists, and a library that’s curated to fit your personal taste.

Finally, you can use Apple Music on mobile or the web. Both have a range of features, but iOS 14 and 15 have made the app a bit easier to navigate. Even though the app has been enhanced, you can still run into some kinks.


Tidal was launched in the US in 2014, and quickly gained its first million subscribers. It is now available in 61 countries, including Mexico, Argentina and the Philippines.

Tidal offers music in both HiFi and Standard audio quality settings. However, if you are looking for the highest quality audio, you will need to pay extra for the Tidal HiFi Plus plan. The tier costs $20 a month.

In addition to streaming music, Tidal has its own online magazine and a music video library of over 450,000 songs and videos. There are also exclusive live-streamed concerts and meet and greets.

One feature that is new in Tidal is the My Activity feature, which gives you daily insight into your own streaming activity. This is a great way to track your listening habits, see what your friends are listening to, and receive royalty payments.

For audiophiles, Tidal’s high-quality audio is excellent. Its Master (9,216 kbps) and HiFi (1,411 kbps) sound quality settings are much better than Spotify’s 320 kbps standard. Additionally, it supports Dolby Atmos mixes.

Tidal also has an improved user interface. Although it is not as intuitive, it’s easier to find information and navigate the service.

While there are few playlists to choose from, Tidal does offer a variety of genres. Hip-Hop fans will appreciate the large selection of hip-hop playlists. Those who love R&B can enjoy the selection as well.

Both services have similar user interfaces, but Tidal’s is easier to navigate and provides less aliasing. While Tidal does not have as many curated titles as Spotify, it does offer the possibility to create up to eight custom Video mixes.

Tidal is still not as social as Spotify. However, you can share what you’re listening to with friends through Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out your streaming history.

Tidal does have a better selection of songs and videos. Although it’s expensive, the higher-quality audio and improved user experience make it worth the price. Moreover, you can also get a discount if you are in the military.

Tidal’s price is comparable to that of Spotify, but it has a few key differences. Its UI is better, it pays artists more, and it has a comprehensive song credits section.


Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming service. Its library of over 30 million songs is spread across 170 countries and territories. In 2021, the company will expand internationally, offering services in more than 80 new markets.

The company also announced a subscription tier called “HiFi,” which will allow users to enjoy higher quality music. This will include a lossless streaming feature. Currently, Spotify streams audio in the lossy Ogg Vorbis format. However, the company plans to upgrade the service to support a better lossless compression system.

According to the company, the best way to listen to a lossless stream is on Wi-Fi. You should also remember that your bandwidth might not be capable of streaming lossless music. For example, a typical 4G connection can’t handle a lossless track, and streaming is best done over a wi-fi network. If you use a 5G network, make sure to consider your data plan.

There are also a number of lossless streaming options on the market. Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music Unlimited all have their own ways of delivering high-quality audio. While Spotify isn’t competing with these offerings yet, the company is working on ways to provide its customers with more choice.

Spotify is working with some of the world’s largest speaker manufacturers to create an affordable, lossless streaming option. The company is also in talks with music labels to expand its catalog of high-resolution music.

The company’s HiFi feature was originally announced in February, and is now expected to debut in 2021. It will allow subscribers to enjoy CD-quality audio.

However, the company hasn’t said how much it will cost or how long it will take to get there. At the very least, HiFi will be available over the Spotify Connect network, which is also available on other devices. And the hi-res feature is likely to be a part of the company’s platinum service.

Other than the HiFi feature, the simplest and most obvious way to get high-quality music on Spotify is to subscribe to the service’s Premium plan. This tier, which is available in a variety of subscription packages, includes access to five audio quality settings.


Qobuz is a music streaming service that specializes in Hi-Res audio. It is a French-based company that offers high-quality music. The service can be used with headphones, a desktop, or even on a smartphone.

The service’s Hi-Res library is vast. At the time of this writing, it contains 424,000 songs in Hi-Res. There is also a music store where you can purchase albums. You can browse through the Qobuz catalog or search for a specific genre.

Qobuz’s catalog is fairly large, rivaling that of Tidal and Spotify. It also has a variety of genres and artists. In addition to this, you can create playlists, purchase albums, and find news about the music industry.

However, there are some drawbacks. Some of the songs you hear on the platform aren’t in Hi-Res, and you won’t be able to follow other users. As for recommendations, the service doesn’t have any sort of algorithm. This could be a turn off for some users.

Aside from music, Qobuz also features a community section. There are a variety of collaborative playlists. Artists can create public playlists, and you can view them on the discover page. Musicians can post their favorite songs, as well as detailed narrative descriptions.

Qobuz also provides exclusive editorial content on notable songwriters and artists. There’s a Moods section, and an event page. For example, you can read a special article about the Gramophone, or about the latest releases from some of your favorite bands.

Qobuz is a great option for serious audiophiles. While there are some niggles, the platform is a worthy competitor to Tidal. Although its payment system is not as lucrative as Bandcamp, it offers an impressive music selection.

Qobuz is available on both iOS and Android devices. It can also be downloaded from the web. One advantage is the fact that it can be installed on a Sonos Amp. Another bonus is the fact that you can add songs to a queue, and play them on demand. If you want to save a song for later, you can download it to a laptop or mobile device.

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