Where to Buy the Genie Plus at Disney

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland, you may be wondering where to buy the Genie+. The good news is that there are a few ways you can get this unique gift. The first way is to purchase the Genie+ before 7:00am, which means that you’ll get it as soon as you arrive at the theme park. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until after midnight, when they’ll be all gone. Remember that you can only purchase one Genie+ per day, and you can’t use it on more than one day.


The prices of Genie+ at Disney have increased recently. The genies will now cost $20 per guest on the first day of service, a $5 increase from the previous $15 price. The prices of Genie+ will also be date-based, meaning that prices will be higher on days with higher demand. The changes are not yet in effect, but they are expected to happen in October. After that, prices could rise based on guest demand.

The prices of Genie+ at Disney have increased by 25 percent at Disneyland and 46 percent at Walt Disney World. Prices will vary depending on the date, and can be as low as $15 on a regular day to over $20 on the busiest days. While Genie+ is a convenient way to skip lines at Disney parks, it can be quite expensive if you’re planning to use it every day.

Genie+ also provides access to Lightning Lane, a feature that works like FastPass+. It allows you to choose up to two rides on any given day. It can be used at more than one park. However, it can be difficult to get a Genie+ lightning lane for popular attractions at a single park.

Genie+ is a popular ride at Disney parks and will soon hit a new record high. Starting at $15 per guest per day, it will cost $22 per day in October 2022. However, you’ll still be able to get it cheaper on the other days of the year. However, remember that the prices of Genie+ at Disney will go up and down depending on demand.

You can buy Disney Genie+ separately or buy the service as a whole. The advantage of Genie+ is that it lets you skip the long lines for popular attractions. It also offers exclusive access to the Lightning Lane at selected attractions. However, the only downside to this option is that it doesn’t work for some attractions.


Disney’s Genie Plus tickets will allow you to enter selected attractions five minutes before or fifteen minutes after the stated time. You can also pick when you want to go back to a particular attraction. However, these tickets are only valid for a certain amount of rides per day, which can be problematic if you are planning to visit multiple theme parks throughout the day. If you’re interested in purchasing this ticket, you can check availability at the Disney theme parks.

The cost of using Disney Genie Plus is $20 a day, per ticket. You can purchase it in advance or at the parks. If you are visiting a Disney theme park for the first time, it’s a good idea to purchase a Genie Plus before your trip. However, children under the age of three do not need a Genie Plus ticket.

Another benefit of Disney Genie+ is that it includes over 40 rides. You can choose from a one-hour window or an hour window to ride one ride. The service also features augmented reality lenses and unique audio experiences inside the parks. You can also purchase a Park Hopper ticket to access popular rides.

Genie Plus tickets are available for purchase at Disneyland, but it is important to get them early. They are usually sold out by seven in the morning. You can purchase them in advance, or you can wait until the park opens to buy them after midnight. However, you cannot get a Genie Plus for two consecutive days unless you are purchasing it as part of a Vacation Package.

In addition to purchasing tickets, you can also use the Genie+ app to make reservations on popular attractions. Although the app has a built-in timer, it is recommended to check the attraction’s website for its hours of operation. If you’d like to use your Genie+ for multiple rides, you can stack your tickets and use them as often as you want.


There are limits to using Genie+ at the Magic Kingdom. Guests can use their Genie+ once per day for rides, and it’s a good idea to make reservations as soon as possible. Guests can choose to ride a ride immediately after scanning into the Lightning Lane, or 120 minutes later.

Disney used to allow guests to purchase as many Genie+s as they want, but that’s no longer the case. The company is now limiting the number of Genie+ purchases per day, and it’s important to buy early if you plan on bringing more than one.

Although Genie+ has no hard limits per day, there are a few restrictions. For example, guests can only use Genie+ to ride two pay-per-ride attractions per day, and each time slot can only be used once. Those who are an Annual Passholder can use Genie+ for unlimited rides, but they must purchase it on the day of their visit. The cost of Genie+ at Disneyland is $20 per person per day. For this price, you can enjoy the benefits of 18 rides in Disney World and Disneyland.

There are two types of Genie+. Guests can use them on certain rides, like the Jungle Cruise. The Jungle Cruise usually sells out before the rest of the attractions. You can also use Genie+ for rides with Lightning Lanes. Some of these rides are popular and may sell out before lunch. On a busy day, however, other rides may be open until the park closes.

Requirements for purchase

The first thing you need to know about the Genie+ is the requirements to purchase it. While many people assume that it will guarantee you a full day of theme park rides, this is simply not the case. Instead, it is intended to minimize waiting time and maximize your enjoyment of the parks.

The Genie+ can only be used at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom theme parks. You can’t use it in other theme parks, such as Animal Kingdom or EPCOT. Also, the Disney parks only allow Genie+ on certain days of the week, so there may be a wait to purchase it. The price may also increase the day after you purchase it. The Genie+ is a limited-time offer and might sell out quickly.

While the Genie+ is not a ride on its own, it is similar to Fastpass+ in that it allows you to access several rides simultaneously. Once you purchase a Genie+, you can print a guide of the Genie+ attractions, including 15 helpful tips.

A Genie+ ticket costs $15 per day at Walt Disney World and $20 at Disneyland. Regardless of where you plan to use it, remember that you have to make your reservation early in the day, as you cannot change your reservation after that. You must be at least 3 years of age to use the service.

The Genie+ app can also be used to book times for shows, attractions, and character meet and greets. The Genie+ app has two parts, a free introductory option and an optional paid plan. A Disney Genie+ ticket costs $15 per day, which is the same as an individual FastPass. It is available for purchase at Walt Disney World beginning June 8, 2022.

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