What to Do If Your PDF to PDFA Conversion Fails

The conversion of PDF to PDFA format has become extremely popular with the advent of the cloud, which allows users to easily convert a PDF file to another format. However, there are several factors that can lead to conversion failure. Learn what to do if your conversion fails. Read on to discover some of the alternatives and online converters available. Here are some of the most popular reasons that a conversion might fail. Listed below are the steps that you should follow to avoid such problems.

Converting a PDF to a PDF/A format

You may have seen the term “PDF/A” and wonder how you can convert a PDF to this format. This format is used to store documents in electronic form. The PDF/A file is the most commonly used type of document and is used for business purposes. PDFs are the most commonly used format for documents, especially when they need to be transferred from one computer to another. You can convert PDFs to PDF/A by following these easy steps.

First, you should open your PDF file. Then click the “Save as Type” option and select the “PDF/A” option. A pop-up window will appear, where you can choose to save the document in either format. Click the “A-1b” option and confirm your choice. Finally, click OK to close the options dialog box and your document will be converted to a PDF/A format.

Secondly, the PDF/A file must have all fonts embedded. That way, you will never need to search for them. The files must also have unlimited legal use. This means that you should only use fonts you are confident will stay the same for decades. It is a good idea to convert your PDF to a PDF/A format if you have important documents that need to be preserved for a long time.

Problems with glyphs

A number of issues were fixed in this release, including an issue with /DCTDecode, a silent page failure due to a corrupted image, and improvements to sample libraries. One of these issues, which affects Arabic text, was fixed with the addition of a new function called PDEImageRemoveIndexedColor(). This function fixes an issue where the text does not render correctly, or is skewed to one side of the page.

Generally speaking, the width of a glyph is determined by its w_d and w_e values in the font dictionary and the embedded font program. If these two values match, then the PDF file will have consistent glyph width information. If the glyph widths are too different, then the file will fail to validate. It can also result in a warning. In such cases, the file will be unreadable, so it’s imperative to fix the problem.

Another problem that may arise when converting PDF to PDF/A is a failure to extract text from a PDF file. When a PDF file is converted into a PDF/A file, it contains embedded content including text, images, and color information. PDF/A-3 documents can contain arbitrary files and are also unsuitable for archiving purposes. The PDF Association has issued a warning that PDF conversions should be made carefully. Some conversions may cause a problem with glyphs and Unicode mapping.

In the past, conversions with Adobe Reader would often produce non-functional documents due to a number of issues. The software would embed a substitute font when the original font reference was not found. In addition, this would render the fonts useless. By fixing these issues, Adobe Reader improved its logic when converting a PDF to a PDFA file. It also corrected an invalid appearance problem when rasterizing a page. It also relaxed the requirement that the document has a valid appearance.

Another issue with this process is that some fonts could be mistakenly replaced by OpenType fonts. This issue is fixed in SF#45057 and SF#43747. The latter fixes the issue with Type 3 fonts. Also, SF#44387 fixes an issue with missing text on a form field when merging a PDF with a different file.


If you’re looking for a free, open format for creating PDF documents, there are a number of alternatives available. For a comparison of the two, visit this article. In short, there are many advantages to using XPS as opposed to PDF. PDF was developed by Adobe and is based on PostScript, a programming language that uses instructions similar to those used in databases. While XPS is not as widely supported, it is a worthy alternative to PDF.

While PDF/A may be an ISO standard, it is still controlled by Adobe, so you can’t always use the standard. Moreover, free software isn’t necessarily compatible with PDF standards. You should be wary of freeware, as it’s intended to be completely loyal to you. A PDF file is a standard document that can be manipulated, modified, and stored in a number of formats.

If you need to edit or manipulate a PDF file on a regular basis, Foxit PDF Editor is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat. This program offers a range of features, including OCR, ConnectedPDF, and all security features. You can also manage access permissions, track changes, and share project information through the cloud. You can even use Foxit on a Linux computer. It is easy to install and is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Its accessibility features are especially helpful if you need to redact or edit sensitive information on a PDF document.

Another excellent PDF editor is Nitro PDF, which integrates with cloud storage and other tools. It has powerful annotation features and creates PDF documents from any document you open. There are a number of alternatives to Nitro PDF, including PDF Reade Pro, which is a simple, free alternative with powerful annotation features. Like Adobe Acrobat, PDF Reade Pro can also edit PDF documents. It allows you to add comments, underline text, and even add watermarks.

Online converters

If you need to convert your PDF documents into PDFA format, you can easily do so online with an online PDF to A converter. There are several options to choose from, so you can choose the one that is best for you. These online PDF to A converters can be found in websites that offer batch conversion as well as text recognition. Once you have decided which one to use, you can upload your files to the converter and start the conversion.

You can choose an online PDF to PDFA converter depending on your needs and budget. A free option is usually not enough. You may need more functionality, like the ability to handle a large number of documents. Another option is to use a tool that integrates with LibreOffice and can handle Office files. It is also recommended that you use a professional online converter, like SwifDoo PDF. You can use this tool to convert almost any type of file into PDF.

Another type of online PDF to A converter is a free service that allows you to convert multiple files to one format. You can choose to skip existing files or select a fast conversion mode. Some services allow you to specify the first page of the converted PDF or the view scale when opening the file. Many of these free tools will convert scanned PDF documents as well. The output files will be readable and preserve data. Online PDF to PDFA converters can even save the converted documents as ZIP files.

If you have a business, Nuance PDF Converter is a good option. Its high standard of conversion and collaboration features make it a good choice. Moreover, it supports many Windows and Office 2010 components. You can also organize documents, enhance PDF security, embed media files, and convert password-protected PDF to editable format. However, this converter has some limitations, including that it only converts one document at a time.

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