Spotify Wraparound Recap – More Than Just Your Favorite Artists and Albums

It is no secret that Spotify has been rebranding its wraparound recap feature to include more features than just your favorite artists and albums. For instance, you can now also add podcasts, albums, and year-in-review campaigns into your recap. This has given users the ability to take a more thorough look at what they’ve been listening to and what has been most popular. And now, it is even easier to do so thanks to the new Spotify Wraparound Recap, which lets you browse and filter the results in a fun, interactive way.


Spotify’s Wrapped recaps are an annual feature that gives users an in-depth look into their listening habits. The recaps include statistics on music, podcasts and more. Users can view these stats and share them with others through various social media platforms.

In 2022, Drake, Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny remain in the top three. The Weeknd rounds out the global top five.

There is also a fun new feature called Audio Day. Essentially, it’s a playlist that includes your favorite songs, podcasts and top artists. Each of these features is a personalized experience for you.

This year, more than 100 artists recorded a thank-you message for their fans. These messages are then compiled into video feeds for each user.

You can watch the thank-you videos on the Wrapped hub, which you can access through the Spotify mobile app. This will give you an idea of which artists your friends are listening to.

Spotify launched a global campaign to showcase its listening data, inviting fans to participate in this interactive musical snapshot. In just the first day, more than 20 million fans shared their favorites.

The top five artists include Bad Bunny, Drake, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd. They were the world’s most-streamed artists for the third consecutive year. Those who have not created a Wrapped playlist aren’t included in the top lists.


If you’re a Spotify user, you may have heard of the Wrapped feature. It’s a year-in-review playlist that provides a visual look at the top songs, albums, podcasts, and other music related data from your past year of listening.

It’s an annual marketing campaign for the music platform, and it is one of the most popular features in the service. Aside from a handy card featuring musical information, there are interactive elements such as social media puposes and screenshots. The company has also launched “creator” experiences for artists and fans.

The first thing to know about the Wrapped experience is that it’s available on both the desktop and mobile versions of the platform. You can access it through your profile, or by searching for “Wrapped” in the app.

As part of its Wrapped experience, Spotify has compiled an extensive database of its users’ listening habits. These stats allow the company to build personalized playlists for its users. Each of these is based on the top tracks played by each person throughout the year.

Spotify’s Wrapped experience is a fun and informative way to see how your music habits have changed over the years. The service tracks data for all users between January and October, and it uses that data to determine the top artists, songs, and albums of the year.

For the third year in a row, Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist globally. Taylor Swift and Drake also made the top five.


Wrapped is a Spotify feature that compiles data on users’ listening habits throughout the year. The company releases a new Wrapped report each year. These recaps reveal artists and albums that were most popular, as well as genres and music moods. Using data from January to October, Spotify produces a list of the top songs, albums, podcasts, and artists.

Wrapped has become a major marketing tool for all streaming services. It helps them hold onto subscribers by giving them a snapshot of what people are listening to. And it gives listeners a chance to relate to millions of others.

This year’s Wrapped report includes a slew of new features. Users can now check out their own personal top 2022 songs, podcasts, and albums. They can also share the results on social media. In addition, Spotify will expand its artist messages program.

For those who weren’t familiar, Wrapped is a feature that allows Spotify users to see their “listening personalities” based on their music tastes. Using data from the last year, the service sorts users into one of 16 listening personality types.

Wrapped is available until January 13. Once users have unwrapped the Wrapped results, they can share the information on social media. Not only is it a fun way to connect with friends, it’s a way for the streaming service to snag some free advertising.


The Wrapped section of Spotify’s podcast platform shows the top songs, albums, and podcasts of the year. Each year, the service compiles the most significant listening statistics and puts them into an appealing slideshow. This analysis can help podcasters boost reach and listener engagement.

Wrapped also gives users personalized stats on their music and podcasting habits. These statistics can be accessed through the Spotify home page. Its cards can be shared on social media and embedded on websites.

Wrapped has also been bolstered with new features. For example, a new feature called “Your Audio Aura” allows users to view top songs as colors. They can then choose one or more of these colors to highlight them.

Podcasters are also given an option to share their Wrapped cards via their personal website or social media accounts. Alternatively, they can use the hashtag, #SpotifyForPodcasters, on Twitter.

In addition to the Wrapped slideshow, Spotify has also added in-app quizzes and personalized playlists. All these features are based on the data provided by its users. Users can also access the previous year’s statistics.

If you’re thinking about using the Wrapped stats to enhance your podcast, it’s best to start planning your content early. By analyzing your listening patterns and trends, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions.

You can also use this data to plan your podcast for the coming year. For instance, consider booking an event in a popular city to increase your reach. Also, look for special end-of-year episodes that you can release to thank your fans. This way, you can get feedback on what your fans want to see more of in the next year.

Music personality

Spotify has launched a new feature that analyzes your music taste. This feature, which is inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality test, identifies your listening personality and determines the type of music that best suits you.

Your listening personality will be based on four different metrics, which are timeliness, loyalty, variety and uniqueness. Based on these traits, Spotify will assign you a unique personality. Once you know your personality, you can share the results with your friends on social media.

You can also use the Listening Personality feature to learn more about the artists you listen to. This feature is part of the Wrapped section of the Spotify app. In the Wrapped section, you can find out how many songs you listened to during the last year, the types of songs you’re listening to and more.

The Wrapped section of the Spotify app contains a list of your favorites artists, your favorite tracks, and the number of minutes you’ve listened to them. The Wrapped section also includes a mood tracker, which shows you the musical emotions you’re feeling at any given time of day.

The Wrapped section of the Spotify App is also designed with an aesthetic that’s easy to share. This feature also allows you to save a curated playlist of the 100 most played songs. Adding a Bitmoji or GIPHY lens to your Wrapped card lets you easily share your results with your social networks.

Year-in-review campaigns

For five years, Spotify has run an annual year-in-review campaign. Now, the feature has evolved and is even more interactive than its predecessor.

The feature allows users to get a snapshot of their own musical activity, including what songs they’ve played the most. This info is then displayed in a highly personalized way. It’s the first time this type of information has been presented in such a meaningful manner.

In addition to offering an accurate review of your listening habits, the feature is a fun and interactive way to share this data with friends. Spotify uses a variety of features to make the experience as entertaining as possible, such as quizzes, in-app videos, and green screen sharing.

Not only is the feature a clever way to show off what you’ve been doing on the platform, it’s also an effective marketing tool. By offering users the chance to share their favorite tracks and playlists, the company has gotten more fans to sign up for the service.

Another cool new feature that was introduced during Wrapped season last year was the “Audio Aura.” This is a nifty bit of technology that splits your listening behavior into two categories: “good” and “bad.” Using a special algorithm, the app can identify what type of music you’re enjoying and recommend you listen to songs that match your mood.

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