Spotify is Changing Its Prices For Its Family Plans

If you’re interested in getting Spotify for your family, you’ll be happy to hear that there are several plans to choose from. There’s the Family plan, the Premium Platinum plan and the Duo plan. All three offer great features.


Students can save money on music and other services with the help of discounted Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions. The two services offer student plans that vary in length depending on the service.

With the Spotify Student Plan, users can pay $4.99 a month instead of the usual $9.99. It also offers a free three-month trial. After the trial period ends, the subscription will cost $5 a month.

Another interesting feature is the ability to play music offline. That means that you can listen to songs on your phone or computer without interruptions. Unlike iTunes, Spotify does not support lossless audio formats.

As part of the Premium Student program, you’ll get to listen to music in very high quality. This equates to 320 kbps. Plus, you’ll also be able to download music.

You can also use your SheerID, a third-party identity verification service, to verify your status. Once you do this, you’ll receive an email letting you know you’re eligible for the student discount.

Alternatively, you can simply go to your college portal and upload proof of your enrollment. These documents can include an official enrolment letter, a transcript, or even a class schedule.

In the end, it all depends on what’s important to you. You can choose to make the switch and save yourself some money or you can stick with the service you’ve always loved. However, the one thing you should do is weigh the options.

Although you can’t get a refund on your Spotify student plan, you can keep the service at a price that you can afford. If your plan expires, you can extend it for up to four years. And, if you find a better deal, you can cancel it anytime.


Spotify is changing its prices for its family plans in the UK and Europe. According to a Billboard report, nearly half of all streaming customers are on a family plan.

These plans allow users to share their music with other family members. They also offer premium features like ad-free listening, unlimited song skips, and personalized song recommendations. The family plan is cheaper than buying digital music downloads.

Spotify’s premium plans are available in three different levels: Individual, Duo, and Family. Each plan includes ad-free streaming and allows for offline playback of millions of songs.

The Individual plan costs $10 a month and is the best option for single people. You get all of the features of the Premium plan, including ads, and it doesn’t require any separate accounts.

For those who don’t want to pay $10 a month, the Duo plan is a good option. It offers on-demand playback, no ads, and a Duo Mix playlist.

Another popular family plan is the Student plan. It is a great choice for college students. This plan is discounted and includes access to Hulu and Showtime.

While Spotify’s family plans are convenient, they are not necessarily worth switching to. If you are considering switching to Spotify, try a free trial first.

For a more lenient plan, check out Tidal. Tidal’s Family plan is only $5 more per month than the other family plans. However, it includes a lot more than the other plans.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a Spotify account, it is very easy to do so. Simply create an account and invite other family members to it.

Spotify’s family plan works well for families and friend groups. However, it isn’t as convenient for sharing with strangers outside your home.


If you live with a partner, a family member or a friend, Spotify’s Duo plan might be right for you. It’s a great way to share your music tastes, and it can help you save money. But if you’re wondering whether it’s really the best option, you should know about a few key features.

The Duo plan’s main claim to fame is that it costs less than two individual Premium subscriptions. In fact, you can pay just $3 more for the Duo version than you would for a single Premium subscription.

In addition to its reduced rate, the Duo plan includes an exclusive playlist, called the Duo Mix. This playlist is updated periodically based on user preferences. You can also skip songs as much as you want.

The Duo version also allows you to sign in with another person’s account. You can do this by clicking on your user profile. After that, you’ll be able to send an invite to your partner. When they accept, you’ll get a message that will give you instructions.

For instance, you can share your playlists with others, and you can even create your own. There’s also a similar feature for Family members.

Moreover, the Duo option also boasts of other features that can make your music-streaming experience a more enjoyable one. These include personalized suggestions, and a personalized Spotify-based recommendation tool.

However, it’s important to note that the Duo and Family plans don’t provide you with all the same features. For example, the Duo plan doesn’t provide you with the Spotify Kids app. Also, the Family plan’s free trial is not valid with the Duo or Student plan.

If you’re ready to sign up for the Duo, you’ll first need to create a Spotify account. From there, you’ll need to verify your residential address, add two people to your subscription, and agree to Spotify’s terms of service.

Premium Platinum

If you haven’t heard of Spotify Premium, it’s a subscription service that allows you to play any song on demand, as well as build your own personal music library. It’s available in over 150 countries worldwide, and is currently priced at $10 a month. Compared to Apple Music’s $11 price, it is an affordable option.

The Platinum tier will feature better audio quality, and will come with limited ads on Spotify Podcasts. In addition, it will include other benefits, such as Audio Insights and Studio Sound. This new tier is expected to launch in a variety of markets.

Last year, Spotify announced plans for a high-quality streaming tier. HiFi is short for “high-fidelity audio”. However, Spotify was unable to secure details on this tier’s technical details with stakeholders.

Since then, Spotify has been silent on this feature. Speculations have swirled that the new tier will cost around $20 a month, and will be similar to what Apple offers with its lossless audio feature.

A user on Reddit u/nearlymind posted a survey asking about the Platinum service. The survey showed several different Platinum plans, but not the full details.

While the Platinum tier isn’t launching until later this year, it may already be available as a free trial. That would give new users a chance to test out the new streaming feature, and if they like it, they could upgrade to a paid tier.

One question the survey left out was whether or not the Platinum tier was the “mi” or “mito” (the newest or most important thing). Whether this refers to a new playlist feature or a DJ tool, is up to speculation.

One thing is clear: Spotify is still experimenting with its Premium tier. And if it doesn’t succeed, it will likely be replaced by another tier with improved audio quality.

Apple Music

Spotify is one of the most popular music services available today. With over four hundred million subscribers, it is easy to see why. It allows users to access an enormous library of songs and other content. While its free tier is ad-supported, paid accounts allow you to download up to ten thousand songs and listen to them offline. There are many different plans to choose from.

The Spotify Individual plan costs just under $10 a month. This option is great for people who are just starting out. If you’re a college student, the Student plan is also the right choice. In addition to ad-free listening, this plan gives you Hulu and Showtime.

The Family Premium plan allows up to six people to enjoy ad-free music. For $ 2.5 per person, the plan is perfect for large families or dormitory roommates. You’ll also receive access to Spotify Kids. However, only members of the same household will be able to access this feature.

Several countries, including France, Germany, Spain and Italy, will not be affected by this price hike. In other countries, such as the UK and the US, the new prices are set to go into effect on April 30.

Apple Music’s library is incredibly robust, with over 90 million songs. Moreover, it is known for its curated radio and expertly curated playlists.

The Music app is a part of every Apple device. In addition, the company recently introduced an update that includes a Shared With You tab. Users can tap on the ball and select their favorite artists.

If you’re considering switching, it’s a good idea to check out a free trial first. The company offers a three-month free trial, which converts to a paid membership when the trial is over.

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