How to Use Spotify on Your Daily Drive

If you’re looking to get a better grasp on Spotify, then you’re in the right place. This article will explore how you can use this music streaming service to your benefit, especially when it comes to your daily drive. We’ll discuss what you can expect from this music service and how you can go about setting it up on your phone.

Setup process

If you’re a fan of music streaming services, you probably have heard about Spotify’s new Car Thing. The device is a nifty little gadget that makes it easier to stream your favorite tunes from your smartphone while you’re driving. It features a few of the gizmos you’ve seen in more expensive systems, but is also quite affordable.

Car Thing is not the first Spotify gadget to grace your dashboard, but it is the company’s attempt at optimizing your mobile experience on the go. Specifically, it’s a small but mighty device that streams your favorite songs and allows you to make phone calls while you’re at it. As such, it might be a worthwhile upgrade for those who spend a lot of time in the car.

As far as the car thing goes, it’s worth noting that it’s an invite-only program, and a one-off unit will probably be all you’ll get for now. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait a long time for the latest and greatest. Instead, you can start the fun by requesting a free demo of the device via email. And if you have the patience of a Saint, you might just find yourself on the receiving end of a hand-made, personalized experience.

However, if you’re in the market for an upgrade, you might want to skip the sluggish Car Thing and opt for something a bit more elegant. That’s especially true if you’re a high-powered music enthusiast. Alternatively, you might want to consider a less expensive option like Spotify’s upcoming iOS app. You can even use your existing subscription to stream Spotify to your iPhone. Of course, the real value lies in the ability to seamlessly sync your iTunes library with the device’s music collection. This can’t be said of many other mobile streaming services, and the aforementioned iOS app has already made the cut for many of the more high-powered cars on the road.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of the Spotify name, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll be able to get a taste of the product later this month, when it makes its much-anticipated appearance on select vehicles.

Interface with other apps on your phone

If you’re a fan of Spotify, you might be interested in its new Car Thing device. This $90 dashboard accessory connects to your phone and allows you to stream music, manage playlists, and control your car’s media. It features a large touchscreen, a dial for browsing your music, and four preset buttons for controlling your playlists.

The Car Thing is a relatively simple device that you can use while driving to control your music. It’s connected to your phone through Bluetooth and works with Wi-Fi if your vehicle has it. You can even control it with voice commands.

The Car Thing is aimed at drivers who want to be able to play their favorite songs without taking their eyes off the road. Those who don’t have a smartphone in their vehicle often rely on their car’s built-in voice assistant. But the Car Thing is designed specifically to control Spotify.

When the device first syncs with your phone, you’ll see a QR code. Tap it to open up the Spotify mobile app. There, you’ll find a menu that shows the current tracks in your library. In addition, you’ll also see the most recently played playlists.

After you finish downloading your music, the Car Thing will pair with your phone. As long as your phone is in range of the Car Thing, you can tap the screen to browse, play, and change your playlists. If you’re in the middle of a song, you can tap the back button to return to the previous screen.

Car Thing works with Spotify’s premium tier. The Premium membership costs $10 a month and includes unlimited music downloads. However, if you’re a student, you can sign up for the $5 a month student subscription, which includes Spotify’s “Spotify discount”. Streaming is free with ads, but you can pay for an ad-free subscription.

If you already have a subscription to Spotify, you’ll be able to control your Car Thing using voice commands. And Spotify is constantly updating the software on the device, so you can expect new features to roll out regularly.

Controls music on your phone

If you’re one of the many drivers that listen to Spotify via a smartphone, the Spotify Car Thing is the gadget for you. The device is similar to a GPS unit with a screen, a few buttons, and a voice search. It mounts in the front console area of most cars, so you can take your music with you as you drive.

You can ask for music, podcasts, or stations to play. In addition, you can set up presets and use your voice to trigger them. For example, you can ask your voice assistant to save a song or an album to a preset.

One interesting feature is the ability to search for songs based on the lyrics. That’s a good idea. But the interface isn’t as clear as it could be.

There are a few other features available only on iOS devices, like the ability to answer incoming calls. This update is meant to improve the overall experience of using Car Thing, and it adds a number of car-specific options.

Like most car infotainment systems, the Car Thing has a screen that shows recent searches. It also has a “Voice” tab that shows you recent vocal queries. Another feature is a giant volume knob that makes it easy to control your audio.

While it’s not perfect, the Spotify Car Thing is a fun novelty to have around. Having a single, portable device in your vehicle that you can control your music with is a plus, particularly if you don’t have Apple CarPlay. However, it’s not going to replace your phone.

Until now, the only way to access Spotify on your car was through a smartphone. The company has now partnered with Car Thing, a startup that manufactures a device that connects to your car’s radio.

Currently, the device is available to select Premium Customers for a fee of $10 per month. Eventually, Car Thing will support other audio services. As of this writing, Spotify has not stated when it plans to bring its software to Android devices.

The Car Thing is meant to make it easier to access your favorite Spotify playlists and podcasts while driving. However, if you are already a Premium subscriber, you’ll probably be better off sticking with your phone.

Is it worth deepening your connection to Spotify?

If you’re a Spotify user, you may have seen the recent announcement of the company’s in-car music player. This device is designed to replace your car’s built-in radio with a more convenient streaming solution. You can control your Car Thing by simply launching the Spotify app, and the device will automatically pair with your phone and connect to your car’s speakers.

As you would expect, you’ll need to subscribe to the service in order to use Car Thing. However, it will cost you a little more than you might expect. In addition to the hardware, you’ll need to pay $10 a month to get a subscription to Premium.

While the Car Thing will work with some cars, it isn’t compatible with new cars or with Android Auto. The company has said that it’s trying to get this device onto as many cars as possible in the future, but for now it’s just limited to users with the Premium subscription. It’s also not compatible with used cars, so you’ll want to take that into consideration if you’re interested in purchasing a Car Thing.

If you’re not a Spotify user, you can still find other ways to stream your music through your car. For example, there are other devices you can purchase that will allow you to play your phone’s music through your car’s speakers. Another option is to use a Bluetooth car jack to plug in your phone. Alternatively, you can use other apps like Pandora. Or you can invest in a more basic device like this one. There are plenty of alternatives to the Car Thing, and it’s definitely worth weighing your options before making a decision.

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