How to Get to Tahiti

There are several ways to get to Tahiti. You can fly in on an international flight from your home country, and you can also take a domestic flight. You can get some great views of the island by flying in window seats. You can also take a hotel shuttle. Air France and United airlines fly in to Tahiti.

Hotel shuttle

There are several ways to travel to and from Tahiti Island, including private taxis and hotel shuttles. If you are planning to fly to Tahiti, you should schedule your transportation well in advance. You can also get a connecting flight on Air Tahiti, or take a passenger ferry to Moorea. The airport also has a car rental desk, and tours can be arranged at the resorts.

Some of the best hotels on the island include the InterContinental Tahiti Resort and Spa. This hotel is located near the Faa’a International Airport, near the port, and Papeete. It has 2 outdoor swimming pools, 2 tennis courts, and a spa. It also offers a roundtrip airport shuttle for an additional fee.

The InterContinental Tahiti Resort and Spa is a convenient hotel with an airport shuttle. The hotel is close to shops and restaurants, and is only a 15-minute drive from the Black Pearl Museum. You can also take a shuttle to the Cathedral, which is about seven miles away. It offers 24 hour concierge service, a swimming pool, and a lagoon view.

Air Tahiti Nui

If you want to visit Tahiti Nui, you’ll want to find out how to get there by air. Air Tahiti Nui offers two types of flights, both of which are very comfortable. First, you can fly in Economy Class, which has 232 seats and offers 31 inches of legroom. Next, you can upgrade to Premium Economy, which offers more legroom and a semi-reclined seat. Lastly, you can upgrade to Business Class, which has 32 seats and a full service lounge.

Air Tahiti Nui is the primary airline to Tahiti and has flights from Los Angeles and Honolulu. They operate flights from both of these locations once or twice a day, with flights departing in the late afternoon and early evening. In addition, Hawaiian Airlines operates a few flights each week from Honolulu to Tahiti. From Los Angeles, the flight takes about eight hours and a half.

Onboard, passengers of Air Tahiti Nui will enjoy wide angled seats, generous legroom, and a place to store their shoes. They’ll also be able to carry two litres of alcohol in their checked baggage, and the airline will serve it to them on board. In-flight entertainment is also available. On board, passengers can watch movies or listen to music with Japanese, French, or English translations.

United Airlines

United Airlines has resumed flights to Tahiti, the French Polynesia island, from the US mainland. The airline operates a direct flight from San Francisco to Papeete three times a week. The flight is about eight hours long. There are also connecting flights from other cities.

The United Airlines office in Tahiti provides contact information and details about flights, including how to change or cancel a flight. There’s also a customer service line available for those who don’t have the time to go to the office or prefer a phone call.

The Islands of Tahiti are located in the southern Pacific Ocean halfway between California and Australia. They are a group of coral-fringed islands south of the Equator, and they’re in the same time zone as Hawaii. There are five nonstop flights each week by United Airlines and Frenchbee, and two or three flights a week by Air Tahiti Nui.

Air France

There are many ways to get to Tahiti, but one of the most convenient ways is by flying. There are several airlines that offer flights to the French Polynesia island. Air France flies direct from Los Angeles to Papeete and the trip takes approximately 8 hours. Other airlines that fly to Tahiti include Air Tahiti Nui and United Airlines. These airlines offer both codeshare and own plane flights.

Car rental

The most convenient way to get around Tahiti is by taxi or rental car. For those who plan to spend a lot of time in the islands, renting a car can be an excellent choice. It is also possible to rent a bike or use public transportation. To visit other French Polynesian islands, however, you must book passage on a plane or boat. Many visitors arrive at the Faa’a International Airport, which is located about three miles from the city of Pape’ete. Taxis and public buses are available from the airport.

If you decide to rent a car in Tahiti, you can choose from a number of different companies. Avis Pacificar, Europcar, and Hertz all offer car rental services on Tahiti. You do not need an international driver’s license to rent a car in Tahiti. Bicycles are also a convenient way to get around the island, although traffic is heavy in the capital city, Pape’ete.

If you are travelling alone, you’ll probably want to rent a car from a company that offers discounted rental cars. A great way to save money on car rental in Tahiti is to look for a company that offers a “Hot Rate” rental option. This type of rental service is available only when you book online and is different from traditional retail car rental. You will also save money on your rental by having your own vehicle for exploring the island’s hidden hotspots.

Cruise ships

Tahiti is a small French Polynesian island that’s home to a number of cruise lines. Carnival, Cunard, MSC, and Princess are among the many that call at the port. Currently, one-third of Tahiti’s tourism comes from cruise ships. These ships bring passengers from destinations such as Hawaii, the US west coast, and Australia.

Cruises to Tahiti also offer a fantastic way to experience the surrounding islands. These cruises often stop at island ports, such as the Cook Islands, Fiji, and Samoa. In addition, many of these tours are educational and fun, so it’s a great way to spend a few days in this tropical paradise.

Once on board the cruise ship, guests can enjoy the scenery and culture of the islands. During their stay, passengers can visit the Robert Wan Pearl Museum, where they can see how black pearls are formed. While onboard, cruisers can also sample some of Tahiti’s famous cuisine. For example, the national dish of French Polynesia is called poisson cru, which is raw fish marinated in coconut milk. Then, they can enjoy coconut crab or other seafood dishes.

Cruises to Tahiti offer the ultimate luxury vacation. While on board, passengers can enjoy stunning views of the islands and enjoy world-class amenities. For an authentic experience, guests can choose a luxury cruise aboard the Paul Gauguin.

Papeete ferry

One of the best ways to get to Tahiti is to take the Papeete ferry to Moorea. It takes about 30 minutes and is conveniently located in the town center. The cost is between $11 and $15 depending on the ferry company you choose. There are two companies that operate the ferry: Aremiti and Terevau. You can buy a one-way ticket for $15 or a round-trip ticket for $33.

From Papeete, you can get a cab or a rental car. You can also rent a bicycle if you prefer to explore on foot. Travel to other French Polynesian islands requires booking passage on a boat or airplane. Most travelers arrive at Faa’a International Airport, which is about 3 miles from Papeete. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a public bus to your destination.

There are several airlines that serve Tahiti, but Air Tahiti Nui is the main carrier. Flights to Papeete depart in the late afternoon or early evening. Hawaiian Airlines also flies to Tahiti twice a week from Honolulu. The flight time is approximately 8.5 hours from Los Angeles.

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