How to Get to Calus in Destiny 2

When you are new to Destiny 2, you might be wondering how to get to Calus. The answer lies in the Pleasure Gardens, which are part of the introductory quest. Here, you will find a red-lighted area that will reveal the path to the Calus bobblehead. The entrance to this hole is located behind some columns on the right. After you’ve reached this area, drop down the hole to reveal the bobblehead. The bobblehead is a Calus and has glowing eyes and a jungle sound.


The first time you play Calus Destiny 2, you will encounter a robo-Calus. Unlike Calus, robo-Calus cannot hide well. It will appear near the beginning of the mission, in an industrial garden. If you follow the pathway in the direction of a ramp, you will find it between two pillars.

To avoid a fight with robo-Calus, you must be careful. It may seem like an easy target, but you have to understand that Calus feeds on negative emotions, making him a perfect target. It is essential to take care of him and prevent him from getting even more powerful.

Another way to obtain a robo-Calus is to use a Calus bobblehead. You can find one in the Forgiveness mission. To find it, you need to reach Zavala and his wife. Once you do this, you will need to go into a large circular tunnel. Continue forward until you reach the half-way point. There, you’ll find a crate with a Calus bobblehead on it.

You must then destroy the Psion projections that are being emitted by Calus. You can also kill his normal Psions before his Psion Nova attack is charged. As he reaches 33% health, you must kill him before the last plate stops giving you the buff. Once the timer runs out, you’ll have to start the encounter all over again, using a different mindscape and shields around the Incendiors and Centurions.

Opulent Chests

In Destiny 2, there are many places to find Opulent Chests. Some of them are located in the Derelict Leviathan, while others can be found in Royal Pools. Once you have found one, you need to get to it with the correct key.

Each key has a clue that will lead you to a specific Opulent Chest. Each key has a different clue, which is a phrase. When the clue is right, the player will arrive at the correct location, where the chest is located. Then, they will be able to use the key to unlock the chest.

While the Nightmare Containment is less reliable, it will provide you with Opulent weapons. You can also use this quest to get “Bound Presence.” This is a resource that allows you to trade for seasonal weapons and armor.

The second Opulent Chest is located in the Pleasure Gardens area. You need to enter this area from Castellum. When you do, turn left and hug the left wall. You should find the chest below a cliff. Beware of the Cabal enemies that are spawned in this area.

The Opulent chest consists of a rare loot. It mainly contains Opulent weapons, which are referred to as Menagerie weapons. These weapons were introduced in the 2019 update and are the most powerful weapons you can get. Regardless of which weapon you choose, you’ll always have a chance to get an Opulent Key in a chest.

Once you’ve gotten the Opulent Key, you can now start searching for the next Opulent Chest. These chests are located in the back of a small alcove, which means that you’ll have to open them with the Opulent Key before you can get the loot. If you open the chest, you’ll find an Opulent Key in its place. Once you get this key, you can then open any Opulent Chest that appears in the back.

You can also find Opulent Chests in the Pleasure Gardens area. You’ll find them near the statue of Calus’ head and the War Beast.

Nightmare Containment

If you’re stuck in the Nightmare Containment and want to get to Castellum, there are a few ways to get there. First, you must find the Derelict Leviathan location. This is the same location as Castellum, and you can find it on the left side of the Moon Director screen.

This is a very long quest, and requires a bit of grinding. You will have to defeat several enemies, including Champions and Shards of Dread, and then defeat the Nightmare Machinist Baron. It consists of three phases, and you can find a Core of Dread after you kill it.

First, you must go to the Leviathan and look for the red diamond icon. This will indicate the area in which the Nightmare Containment event is taking place. You can then use the Nightmare Harvester to attract powerful Nightmare enemies to its point. Killing these enemies will break the Nightmares’ connection to Calus.

Once you have all these items, you need to complete Nightmare Containment to gain the rewards. You can earn Opulent Keys or Secret Chests for completing this quest. As long as you’re willing to grind and complete the quest, you can get to Calus!

The next time you complete Nightmare Containment, try completing the third tier and a chest will appear at the end. This chest will contain various items from the world of The Witch Queen, including a void trace rifle Hollow Denial, a stasis rocket launcher called Bump in the Night, and a new armor set called Eidolon Pursuant. Additionally, there is a chance that the chest will contain the Opulent Key, which can open the hidden chests on Derelict Leviathan.

After you complete this campaign, you can start the next campaign, Bound in Sorrow. In this campaign, you will encounter Nightmares and have to face them to gain Bound Presence. To do this, you must collect 500 Vestiges of Dread. You can obtain these through playlist activities, chests, and combating Nightmares. During this campaign, you should focus on patrols and targets with high value to gain Bound Presence. You’ll also need to unlock the Haunted Weapons, and Unrelenting Nightmare, which are essential for the next quests.

You’ll find a number of Bobbleheads in the game. Depending on where you find them, you may have to perform several of them in order to earn the #1 Fan Triumph and the Season of the Haunted Seal. Then, you’ll also have to find the Calus Automatons in the area. Once you have all of these, you’ll be able to unlock the Eidolon Ghost Shell and Reaper Seal.

Emperor Calus of the Cabal

The first step in defeating Emperor Calus of the Cabal is to get to his mindscape. Once inside, use your Titan’s Actium War Rig, your Warlock’s Helm of Tempest, and your Hunter’s Celestial Nighthawk. As you fight against the Cabal, you will encounter three types of enemies: Legionaries, Psions, and War Hounds. Each wave will feature a different type of enemy. As you fight these enemies, don’t forget to use your Sol Fireteam.

Calus’s personality is based on a Roman emperor and is somewhat similar to many of them. He overthrew a republic and insists on being treated as a god, but is mostly insane. After coming to power, he massacred his own senate and was betrayed by Ghaul. He also shares a rivalry with the Drifter, who shares his apocaphobic beliefs.

The Emperor Calus fight is much easier than the Aksis boss fight, which will be a welcome change for gamers who had trouble with the boss. After that, you can move on to the next challenge, the Leviathan Prestige raid. It is a multiphase fight, requiring the coordination of six players.

You’ll first need to locate the large Cabal wrench. This tool will allow you to deactivate the electric wall blocking the path to the manual override switches. You’ll then need to platform along the pipes on the right side. You’ll find the fourth Calus Bobblehead after this.

Calus’s projection is an example of a recurring enemy in the game. Eventually, it will stop spewing Psionic Overload skulls. After a while, you’ll notice that Psionic Charges will appear, teleporting you back to his throne room.

The second way to get to Calus is to open the door with your giant wrench. You’ll need to fight off waves of Scorn to get to it. You’ll also need to defeat the robo-Calus and destroy his swarms. Once you’ve done this, you’ll find the robot’s remains.

The automaton can be located after completing the Sever mission Shame. It’s located above a large red pipe and barrel. The automated Calus will talk to you if you approach it. This automaton will help you defeat enemies and use rituals.

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