How to Get Sea Fairy Cookie in Smite

If you’ve been wondering how to get a Sea Fairy Cookie in Smite, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about the Character characteristics, the best toppings, and the location of the legendary cookie. It’s also worth noting that this legendary cookie is relatively rare.

Character characteristics

The Sea Fairy Cookie is a 5 inch tall magical creature that has long flowing hair that is adorned with shell-like hair clips. She wears a light blue dress and holds a white sword. She can be found on floors 7 to 10 of the Tower of Frozen Waves.

The Sea Fairy Cookie has the INFJ personality type. The INFJ personality type is creative, imaginative, and idealistic. They are introverted, and are good at imagining and creating. They also have a good sense of leadership and can lead well. However, they are not very good at connecting with others. They are often quiet and contemplative, but they can be very creative when it comes to their hobbies.

The Sea Fairy Cookie can be obtained in various ways, including from chests and jelly missions. Other ways of acquiring it include winning 5 races, taking part in the gacha system, and collecting 20 Sea Fairy Soulstones. The Sea Fairy Cookie also has a skill that can boost your attack power.

Best toppings

If you want to improve your Sea Fairy Cookie’s abilities, you need to learn how to top them. These cookies are useful in arena mode and are considered to be an essential part of a Classic Meta team build. Toppings for Sea Fairy Cookies can make them more powerful and can help them improve their cooldowns.

The best toppings for Sea Fairy Cookies include Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry Toppings. These items can increase the amount of DMG your cookie deals, as well as reduce the skill CD. You can also add other baked goods to your cookie to increase its DPS. This will make your Sea Fairy Cookie much more powerful and allow you to deal more damage.

Toppings for Sea Fairy Cookies can also increase the number of items that you can equip on your Sea Fairy. The best options are Swift Chocolate, Searing Raspberry, and Solid Almond. All three can grant buffs that can boost your ATK. Each of these bonuses is effective when equipped three or more times.

Some Toppings are better than others, and are available in sets. These sets usually require three or more of the same type of Toppings to unlock the slot. The larger the set, the better the stats and upgrades. Toppings also come in three sizes. The larger the size, the more options you have.


The Sea Fairy Cookie is a legendary Bomber class cookie. It can use Wave Beads to smash enemies and create Sea Crystal Jellies. This cookie has sparkling cyan eyes and holds a short blue sword with a rhombus-shaped gem on its pommel. She also has waves on her dress.

The Sea Fairy Cookie has a base damage of 150 and has a Middle priority. She has an attack skill called Soaring Compassion that fires a stream of water at enemies, dealing 150 damage to five enemies. Its secondary ability gathers water underneath enemies, increasing its damage. The skill has a 17-second base cooldown time. The damage from the water stream and water pillar are equal to 150 and 173 damage per level.

While the Sea Fairy Cookie is not particularly useful in arena modes, it is still a useful item to have in your arsenal. It’s also considered essential for building a Classic Meta team. Amongst the Legendary tier of cookies, this cookie is considered essential for building an effective team.

Getting a Sea Fairy Cookie can be quite challenging, so it’s important to keep a calm and patient mindset. The chance of success is low and it might take several attempts. However, if you have enough time and patience, you can obtain the legendary cookie through random cookie picking. Alternatively, you can buy Soulstones, which will boost your cookie’s rank and make it easier to obtain.

The Sea Fairy Cookie belongs to the Bomber class, which makes it the ideal candidate for the middle row of your team. During combat, place her in the center of your team to unleash her super skill, which knocks down five enemies with the power of eternity. You should use scorching berries or sweet chocolate toppings to give her the best chance of destroying the enemy.

Rareness of getting legendary cookie

The Sea Fairy Cookie is a legendary cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. The cookie has a lot of abilities, but its most important feature is its power to stun up to five nearby enemies. As a result, this cookie is a PvP powerhouse. Even with newer, more versatile competitors, the cookie continues to rule the meta. However, it is very rare to obtain a legendary sea fairy cookie.

There are only two playable Legendary cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, the Sea Fairy Cookie and the Frost Queen Cookie. You can get the Sea Fairy Cookie from any Cookie Gacha, but the Frost Queen Cookie can only be obtained through certain Gacha events. There is also a 0.054% chance that you can get a Black Pearl Cookie.

The Frost Queen Cookie is the most difficult of all Legendary Cookies in Cookie Run. It is the most difficult to get, so you’ll need to work hard to get one. You’ll want to put this cookie on your team, as it will attack all enemies aggressively. The only disadvantage is that she’s not very helpful in teamfights; her only skill is Freezing Squall, which deals damage to enemies and freezes them.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun game with many different levels, and the various cookies can be very powerful. You can get as many as you want, but it can take some time to unlock the higher tiers. So, make sure that you plan ahead for your upgrades before you invest in the higher-tier cookies.

Dark Choco Cookie is another powerful cookie that has many positive traits. Its cool black armor, silky hair, and imposing stats make it a solid choice for PVP. While it’s not as powerful as the other legendary cookies, it has a great AOE, and is good for keeping you protected.

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