How to Get Rid of Ants Using Natural Remedies

Natural remedies can be a great way to get rid of ants. Using tea tree oil or a solution of vinegar and water can help to kill them as well as keep them away. Lemon juice can also help to eliminate ant scent trails. You can use this solution as an all-purpose spray and apply it to the areas where you see them.

Natural ways to get rid of ants

There are many natural ways to get rid of ants in your home. One of the most effective methods is making homemade bait using borax, a chemical compound found in household cleaners. It is available in many home improvement stores and online. If you can’t find borax, you can make a mixture from boric acid, sugar, and peanut butter. Place the mixture in jars or yogurt cups and place them near ant nests. Alternatively, you can spray the mixture around windows and door frames.

Tea tree oil is also an effective repellent for ants. The oil is extracted from the eucalyptus tree, and contains a chemical called p-menthane-3,8-diol, which is a powerful insecticide. It is considered safe by the EPA.

Oranges are another excellent natural ant repellent. The peel of the orange is a natural deterrent for ants. You can make a paste out of it, and then spread it around the entrance points of your home where ants might be coming in. This is one of the most effective natural ways to get rid of ants.

Another ant repellent is cucumber. This plant is bitter to ants, so it’s best to use a bitter-tasting variety. However, normal cucumbers are equally effective. You can also mix up a solution of orange juice and water and spray your home with it. You’ll probably have to repeat the process on a daily or weekly basis until the ants disappear.


One of the most effective ways to get rid of ants is to use Borax. Borax is a non-toxic substance that kills ants by disrupting their digestive system. It is also effective for killing the queen and other workers in a colony. Typically, ants will eat the borax bait and die within a day or two. This solution is also safe for people and pets.

Borax is best used to kill common black ants, but it works just as well on other species. Make a solution of one part Borax to three parts water. Pour the solution over the area where the ants live and leave it for one hour. Then wipe off the residue with paper towels or a cloth. Repeat this procedure until the ants are gone.

Borax is an effective ant killer, but it should be used correctly. It should be mixed with sugar and water to ensure maximum effectiveness. If the mixture is not mixed properly, it will not kill the ants and you may end up using more than you need. When using Borax to kill ants, always remember to place it in an area where children and pets cannot access it.

Borax can also be used to kill ants indoors. This substance acts as a slow-killing agent because it ruins the ants’ digestive system. In addition to being effective against ants, borax is also safe for the environment. It can be combined with sugar to create an effective bait that can eliminate entire ant colonies.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a powerful repellent for ants. It works by coating cotton balls in the oil and placing them in areas where ants enter the home. This repellent is safe for children and pets to use around the home. In addition, it is highly effective at preventing ants from returning.

It also works by disrupting the chemical trail ants leave behind. It is nontoxic and pleasant for humans. You can also apply it to windows and doors to repel ants. However, be careful with essential oils. While they are not harmful for you or your pets, they are toxic for ants.

When using tea tree oil to get rid of ants, it is best to dilute it with water. Fill the bottle with 3/4 water and then add about 15 drops of tea tree essential oil. Spray the mixture on window sills, doors and door frames. For more effective results, use tea tree oil in conjunction with peppermint oil.

A combination of pepper and water can also help. Pepper and cayenne pepper are known to repel insects. Applying a pepper-and-water solution around entry points will keep ants away from your home. While pepper and tea tree oil can’t eliminate ants, they can keep them away from your home. However, before applying pepper and water to a surface, be sure to clean it thoroughly.


Salt is a desiccant that can be used to kill ants by drying out their exoskeletons. The disadvantage of salt is that it corrodes surfaces in your home, including wood, metal fixtures, and paint. Moreover, it can also kill sensitive plants. So, when it comes to killing ants, avoid using salt on your lawn. Instead, use natural remedies to remove ants.

One of the best ways to get rid of ants is to mix salt with other ingredients. For instance, you can use salt to create a salt barrier around your home. Ideally, you’d want to build this barrier about an inch tall. After the salt barrier is in place, you should clean it up. The salt barrier will be effective for killing ants, but only if the salt is placed near the nest. You can also combine salt with boiling water, vinegar, or baking soda. The amount of salt you use depends on the size of your ant problem, and you should keep in mind that it works slowly.

Another method for killing ants is to mix salt with water and sprinkle it around the area where you’re experiencing ants. Salt can also be applied directly to ants. The salt will repel them and make them run for their lives. However, this method is not suitable for heavy infestations.

Orange peels

The peels of oranges can be used to repel ants. They contain an acidic oil called d-limonene, which is toxic to ants. By sprinkling the orange peels on the affected area, the ants will be forced to leave the area.

Orange peels are also effective at battling aphids. This is due to the limonene found in them, which destroys their wax coating. The orange peel’s odor is also strong enough to drive away aphids. Using orange peels in your garden to get rid of ants will help prevent them from destroying your plants.

Orange peels are also useful for gardening, and can be used as fertilizer. In addition to being good for plants, the peels do not damage the soil. Despite their acidic nature, citrus fruit can be harmless for the soil. In an experiment conducted in Guanacaste, 12 tons of orange peels were spread on a plot of land. Within three months, the ant infestation was eliminated and the grass and forest regrew.

Orange peels contain limonene, a compound that repels both ants and other pests. It is also effective against fleas and ticks. To make this spray, simply steep the orange peels in water for two to three hours and strain it into a spray bottle. This mixture is non-toxic to warm-blooded creatures, but it kills insects by affecting their sensory nerves and peripheral nervous system.

Neem oil

You can use neem oil to kill ants, but you have to make sure that you spray it on their trails and nests, so that the neem oil can get into their body. This way, the ants will be exposed to the neem oil and die. You should also make sure that you use protective gear to keep the neem oil from touching your skin or eyes. Neem oil should be applied in conjunction with other pest control methods.

Neem oil is effective against ants, but it can also kill other pests, like aphids. You can spray the neem oil on plants in the evening or morning, when the sun is not as strong. The neem oil will kill ants and aphids by suffocating them, and the plants will also benefit from the neem oil because the ants won’t harm the plants.

If the ant problem is too severe, you can call in pest control professionals to help you. They will use powerful chemical insecticides to get rid of ants, but if you don’t want to deal with chemicals, you can use Neem Oil to get rid of ants instead.

Neem oil is an all-natural insecticide that works effectively against ants. It is also safe for people and pets. Unlike other chemicals, neem oil won’t harm your plants. In addition, it will also help deal with other pests, such as fungi.

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