How to Conjure a Spirit Easy in World of Warcraft

If you’ve been wondering how to conjure a spirit easy, it’s important to remember that you need a group of at least four people in order to be successful. The group must agree on a leader and decide which entity they’d like to contact. Darker entities thrive on uncertainty, so it’s important to be clear on which entity you’re trying to contact before you begin.

Spectral boatman

You can summon a spectral boatman to fight enemies. He is only a little bit dangerous, but can be a great help in battle. He has a few attacks, including throwing spectral lances. He can also engage with melee spear combos. You can find him in the Weeping Peninsula, northwest of Castle Morne and south of Bloodhound Evergaol.

Perfumer Tricia

Perfumer Tricia is an NPC that can be found in the Altus Plateau. She has a support role, but she is not very aggressive. It’s important to understand how she works to be able to deal with the bosses.

Perfumer Tricia is a weak enemy, but it’s not impossible to defeat her. Her weaknesses are bleed and frostbite, so fast-moving attacks can easily stagger her and kill her. However, she’s still not immune to damage, so don’t underestimate her.

The best way to deal with Perfume Burst is to attack it with a defensive shield, since it’s slow-moving and detonates after a short period. It’s also important to keep your shield up. You should also try to get some distance between you and Perfume Tricia.


Rollo is a powerful summon in Monster Hunter World. His ferocious attacks can tear apart enemies, knocking them down. However, you must have at least a certain amount of FP to summon him. The best way to summon him is to use his Elden Ring, which costs 100 FP.

To get the Omenkiller Rollo ashes, you must first defeat the Fell Twin bosses on the bridge leading to the Divine Tower of East Altus and near the elevator leading to the Forbidden Lands. The vast majority of Spirit Ash Summons in the game are very beneficial, but the tier list below will help you determine which ones are worth upgrading.


Conjuring spirits is not an easy process. You need a strong group of people to complete the rite. You also need to have candles lit. It helps to use unscented white candles. You can also use photographs or other items from a deceased loved one. The purpose is to create an atmosphere of trust and respect and to summon the spirit.

To summon spirits, you must first gather the necessary materials. You will need at least one spirit ash. Spirit ashes are available in many places around the Lands Between. The best ones will vary depending on the situation. For example, a group of people may need distraction or interruption, and that is when summoning the spirits will be most useful.

A special ash can also be used. Lhutel is one of these. Though it costs a large amount of FP, it is a strong spirit ally with a powerful shield. It can also throw spectral lances. It is useful against bosses and tanky.

The Spirit Calling Bell is another tool that can be useful in summoning a spirit. However, it can only be used once before needing a recharge. When used correctly, the Bell can summon any spirit. The Spirit Calling Bell is a great tool to have at your disposal. The cost varies depending on the power of the spirit.

Before performing an evocation, you should prepare yourself mentally and spiritually. This will help you achieve a higher level of self-awareness and calmness. You should also make sure that you have a good space for the evocation. This will help you invoke good energy and help the spirit trust the process.

Spirits are powerful and can help you defeat difficult enemies. However, it is important to be aware of the dangers of using a spirit. If you are not sure how to conjure a spirit, learn the basics of the art before undertaking it. Once you’ve mastered the skills, you can even sell your services as a conjurer.

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