How to Be a Good Quarterback in High School

If you want to become a high school quarterback, you should start by practicing some fundamental football skills. These skills include Strength, Speed, Resilience, and Commanding a huddle. These skills will help you become a better quarterback and have a higher chance of achieving your goals.


A quarterback should have several key characteristics. One of them is spatial awareness, the ability to read the defense and read the rush. It can be difficult to find this skill, and it is the difference between a good player and a great one. A player should be able to show this ability in games where they are forced to make passes.

Another important quality for a quarterback is leadership. Coaches look for a person’s overall qualities when making a decision whether or not to hire a quarterback. QBs will likely be given more time on the field than any other position, so having good leadership skills is very important.

Lastly, a quarterback’s arm strength should be above average. While his arm strength and accuracy are impressive, he should also have good mobility and a strong arm. If he develops these characteristics, he should be able to become a top-level NFL quarterback.


The ability to throw the football with accuracy and timing is an important skill for quarterbacks. They must have a good release and can read the rush well. The NFL is much faster than high school football, so it is crucial for a high school quarterback to have good timing. A proper training program can help a high school quarterback become a top-notch quarterback.

In fact, some top head coaches are trying to recruit top high school athletes who are already in great shape. For example, BYU offensive lineman Braden Brown clocked a 5.2-second 40-yard dash while in high school. Despite the fact that the SEC is known for its speed-oriented recruiting, many of its top quarterback prospects are being slowed down for college.

QBs must also develop good arm strength. Arm strength is crucial for accuracy. By practicing strength-building drills, a high school quarterback can increase his arm strength and develop his foot speed. A good arm and strong core help quarterbacks throw the ball with great accuracy.

A high school quarterback should also have excellent decision making skills. This will give him the ability to evade the pursuit of defensive players and gain extra yards. This ability will help his team win and stay healthy.


To become a good quarterback in high school, you need a combination of skills and mindset. As an athlete, you need to be resilient and focused. Resilience helps you overcome challenges and improve your game. It helps you cope with the pressure of playing a major position in a team. This is because quarterbacks have a short-term memory and must let go of mistakes quickly. They must also learn to walk a tightrope between being aggressive and overprotective.

The ability to bounce back from setbacks is an essential trait for being a successful quarterback. This trait is particularly important for the position, as quarterbacks must be able to stay in the right mindset and emotional state to rebound quickly from mistakes. High levels of grit have been linked to increased levels of motivation and better utilization of one’s abilities.

Resilient teams are also able to improvise and come up with innovative ideas. Improvised solutions are based on the fact that team members need to adapt to changing situations in real time. Resilient teams also draw on knowledge from previous experiences, and re-configure it in the most creative ways.

Commanding a huddle

Commanding a huddle is one of the most crucial skills you can learn as a high school quarterback. The NFL uses this strategy and it is becoming increasingly popular. The quarterback typically leads the huddle, while the offensive team uses a signal to communicate. This way, everyone is sure to be paying attention.

The NFL uses hand signals to communicate and direct the offense. Many incoming NFL quarterbacks never ran a huddle before turning pro. That means they are losing up to ten to fifteen years of practice practicing their huddle skills. The good news is that there are several ways to improve your huddle skills. The first step is to understand how your team’s huddle works.

In 1892, Paul Hubbard, a deaf quarterback at Gallaudet University, created the football huddle. His reasoning was that opponents were stealing his hand signals. In the 1920s, the huddle became widespread in college football. It was controversial and some University of Illinois fans complained, but its use has grown over the century. Today, the huddle helps the offense burn time, focuses players, and changes the pace of play.

The book covers football quarterbacking fundamentals and techniques, including ball security and commanding the huddle. It also covers the play-action fake and how to deal with the fans when plays go wrong. It also discusses how to handle the pressure of the huddle and the fans yelling at the quarterback.

Positive attitude

In high school football, having a positive attitude is vital. A positive attitude will translate into a high school football player’s success on the field. In fact, this positive attitude will go far in sports and in life. A positive attitude will allow a student to reach their full potential.

A good quarterback must be confident and encourage teammates. This is achieved through study of the playbook, doing whatever the coach tells you to do and having a positive attitude. The best quarterbacks are mini-coaches on the field and can inspire their teammates to play better. Having a positive attitude will allow a quarterback to move on to the next play and not be discouraged by bad plays.

Quick memory

Quick memory is one of the most important skills for a quarterback. It’s crucial for him to know his defense’s strengths and weaknesses, recognize the problem, and make a decision in a matter of seconds. This is because a quarterback’s job is to make all of these decisions with extreme speed, which few people have. But it’s a skill that is often overlooked.

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