Destiny 2 Guide – How to Get the Legendary Sword and Exotic Rifle in Archon’s Keep

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for getting the Exotic weapons and armor in Destiny 2, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn where to find a Legendary sword and Exotic rifle in Archon’s Keep. You can also get a Legendary armor set by completing the Exotic missions in the game.

Fallen Walker in Archon’s Keep

The Fallen Walker in Archon’s Keep is a very difficult boss. You will have to fight it several times to kill him. You can avoid getting killed by following a few simple steps. First, you need to reach the area where the Plaguelands Patrol patrols are. Once you’ve reached the area, make sure you’re on the left. You’ll need to go through a small cave in the cliff wall to get into the area.

The Fallen Walker is a large, slow walker with devastating weaponry. However, despite being able to resist most types of attacks, it is still vulnerable to explosions, small arms fire, and Guardian abilities. This is why it’s crucial to spread your team out and utilize environmental cover to take advantage of the Fallen Walker’s slow movement. It’s also important to keep an eye on the laser sight, which will give you a clear picture of where to aim your main cannon.

After you’ve done that, head to the space where the anomaly scan icon is located. This icon will allow you to enter the underground area. Once there, you’ll find a Fallen Walker and an Iron Medallion. This will unlock the ‘Beauty in Destruction’ quest.

The Fallen Walkers have evolved from insect-like humanoids that once inhabited the planet Riis. After the Collapse, the Fallen sought to claim the Great Machine that had fallen on Earth. They were infamous for their use of technology and were known for their mastery of technology. Using Ether, which was found on asteroids, they were able to power their technological advances.

The Fallen Walkers are among the most deadly enemies in the game. They can deal massive damage and have high defenses. They’re also equipped with Arc Shields. When they’re damaged, you can use Arc Damage to knock out the shield. If the shield is removed, the Fallen Walker will go into defense mode and begin attacking you.

While the Fallen Walker is a very difficult boss, it is possible to defeat him using a strike weapon and stick on a grenade. The strike option is easier than the Fallen Walker, and the player can use their stick on grenades to take out the dregs that form its shield.

Legendary sword in Destiny 2

When you complete the main story, you will be rewarded with a code for a Legendary sword. Once you have claimed the legendary sword, you will be able to use it as a powerful weapon. There are two ways to obtain this legendary sword in Destiny 2. The first is to earn it naturally. The second method is to buy it from a vendor. In this guide, we’ll go over both of them.

Obtaining a Legendary sword is a great way to enhance your character’s gear. However, before you can get it, you must first complete a dungeon. During the dungeon, you will have to defeat multiple bosses and complete some activities. Then, you can loot a chest that contains weapons. One of these weapons is the Hero of Ages sword.

Another great option for getting a Legendary sword is to buy a Lightweight Frame. This will help you move faster while you’re holding it. It also increases your weapon damage and comes with a Whirlwind Blade perk. Finally, you can get Goldtusk as a drop from the Menagerie boss.

The Other Half is another Legendary sword that you can get. This weapon has an adaptive frame and a crucial uppercut. Moreover, it has a frenzy ability that increases damage, handling, and reload. It is an extremely powerful weapon, and many players consider it paid. However, be careful to check the requirements before purchasing this Legendary sword in Destiny 2.

The Black Talon is another weapon that you can get from the game. It is an uncommon drop, but it is capable of high damage. It is an excellent choice for PvE or Gambit, and you can also use it against bosses. It is also very durable and can deal heavy damage. However, it will also have a low ammo capacity. However, it is important to note that the Black Talon is better than the Lament in this regard.

To obtain this legendary weapon, you must first complete the Dread Patrol mission and The Taken King quest. In return, you will receive a shard of Oryx’s legendary sword, called the Willbreaker. This will open up A Broken Will, as well as the A Sword Reforged quest. After that, you can infuse the sword with light.

Exotic armor sets in Destiny 2

In the game Destiny 2, you can get a variety of armor sets by grinding them out in different areas of the game. You can also obtain them by completing special events, such as the Vow of the Disciple raid. These special events will feature new armor sets for different classes.

Exotic armor sets in Destiny 2 are a great way to improve your gear and give yourself an edge over enemies. These armor sets are unique in that they can give you a massive advantage, as they deal double damage and allow you to survive more bullets than your enemies.

One of the easiest ways to obtain high-stat armor is to farm them in dungeons. There are several ways to farm them, including farming them in the Duality dungeon, focusing Umbral engrams, and completing seasonal activities. Alternatively, you can spend Real Money or Bright Dust on them.

Another way to get a high-end armor set is to buy the Arc 3.0 Exotic Arms. These armours give you a high damage boost and grant the user an overshield during Thundercrash. They also increase the damage of a grenade, making them a great choice in PVP.

The upcoming Season 18 update for Destiny 2 is one of the best ways to get the best gear and stats. It will also give you access to new weekly activities and new weapons and armor. Buying the season pass will give you access to the new season’s items and weapons. You can even get an ornament to change your look.

You can also obtain an Exotic Helmet by completing the Evidence Board Exotic quest in the Enclave. This is a limited time quest and only available after completing a certain point in the story. This helmet grants you access to Sunspots which can heal you when you are near death and shorten your cooldowns. You can also earn this set by completing the Witch Queen Legendary campaign.

Another method is to farm Umbral Engrams. If you can get a lot of Umbral Engrams, you can focus those into the Armorer mod. This mod grants you high-stat armors, which can be used to unlock exotic sets.

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